Ch0 - Prologue
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Season 1
Chapter 0
Korean Title 프롤로그
English Title Prologue
Korean Release 8th September, 2015
English Release 15th July, 2017
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Prologue: The prologue begins with describing the Supreme Overlord of the Chaotic Murim, Dokgo Ryong and his conquests over much of the land until his sudden disappearance and the scattering of his followers within a few years. It then transitions to Dokgo Ryong mentioning that this story is a blatant lie. He goes on to describe that Hyeol Bi, Gwi Yeong, Mak Sapyeong and Hwan Sa, the Four Heavenly Kings, betrayed him and plotted his assassination. He then laughs at the fact that they would have never imagined him alive before addressing a sleeping young man in front of him, threatening him by beginning to grab his sword. The young man then recites the end of the story, saying that, he must kill every last one of the traitors and avenge Dokgo Ryong, his master.

Dokgo Ryong is surprised that his apprentice can recite the ending of the story, saying he has told it for the first time, before the latter retorts that he has heard it at least a thousand times before and it was the twelfth time that day. Dokgo Ryong then questions him regarding what his pupil will do after he avenges the Heavenly Destroyer, to which he responds that he shall open a big dumpling joint and eat jumbo dumplings daily. However, upon being threatened by the unsheathing of his master's sword, the apprentice soon states that he'll revive the Heavenly Destruction Sect and wreak havoc among the Murim. The duo soon laugh, before heading into momentary silence. Dokgo Ryong then addresses his apprentice as Gang Ryong, before saying he has taught him everything about the twelve Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques and then proceeds to tell Gang Ryong about his grudge, much to Gang's chagrin as he repeats his story.

After Dokgo Ryong passes away, Gang Ryong immediately heads to the Middle Kingdom to carry out his will, equipped with several weapons on his back. He cries out that he will avenge his master and appease his angry soul before the woman who served him dumplings states that they're dead. Gang, confused, asks for clarification. She then goes on to say that after the Heavenly Destroyer's disappearance, the Four Heavenly Kings fought among themselves to decide the new leader and wound up killing themselves and disbanding the Heavenly Destruction Sect. She later states that the incident was so notorious that, despite occurring prior to her birth, everyone in the Gangho knows about it. She then insinuates that, despite carrying a sword, his lack of knowledge implies that he was training in a cave for all these years.

Gang, in shock, then asks what he will do about avenging his master, his epic heroics and finally the fate of the webtoon...

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