Song Yerin (3)
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Season 1
Chapter 10
Korean Title 송예린(3)
English Title Song Yeri (3)
Korean Release 10th November, 2015
English Release 5th August, 2017
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Song Yerin (3): Eventually getting back to the tavern, Gang opens up the chest and finds a bunch of tomes inside while Yerin goes to wash up the dishes. With Gang getting very engrossed in the tomes, Yerin comes over and spots what he is reading, causing him to look around in embarrassment. Telling him to bring the tomes and making excuses for why Lord Hong had them, they soon burned the tomes. Having dropped one, Chohyang picks it up and takes it with her.

In the morning, a peppy Chohyang comes out in good spirits having read a "Book of Prophecies" the night before. With Gang confused, Chohyang merely walks off into town.

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