Soh Jinhong, The Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend (1)
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Season 1
Chapter 11
Korean Title 홍안의 검귀 소 진홍(1)
English Title The Rosy-Cheeked Sword Devil, So Hong (1)
Korean Release 17th November, 2015
English Release 6th August, 2017
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Soh Jinhong, The Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend (1): Soh Jinhong, the Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend, massacres some assassins that were after him before returning home. Receiving another mission from his 'employers', against his retainer's wishes, Jinhong gets ready to enact vengeance once more.

Meanwhile, Gang Ryong delivers some dumplings to the Elder.

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