Revived Heavenly Destruction Sect (17)
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Season 2
Chapter 43
Korean Title 2부 43화
English Title [Chapter 2] Ep. 43
Korean Release 1st May, 2018
English Release 23rd September, 2018
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Season 2, Chapter 43: Put under serious pressure, Ze Wungang quickly begins to overwhelm Gang Ryong while Nameless watches on in awe. With the pain from his injuries flaring up, Ryong uses the Radiant Wheel Strike but Wungang spectacularly cuts it apart and knocks Ryong unconscious with a flurry of strikes. As Wungang rears up for a finishing blow, Nameless interrupts by kicking the unconscious Ryong around while berating him for losing so easily. Ze Wungang angrily tells Nameless to step aside but is responded to with a challenge instead.

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