Revived Heavenly Destruction Sect (24)
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Season 2
Chapter 50
Korean Title 2부 50화
English Title [Chapter 2] Ep. 50
Korean Release 19th June, 2018
English Release 20th October, 2018
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Season 2, Chapter 50: Hwan Sa gives his views and advice to Hyeol Bi on what they should do in response to one of the Seven Slayers being killed.

In the Myogak Mountains, Garyeong is informed by Yang Jeonghak that they could find no trace of Ryong anywhere and that he was either long gone or concealed within a barrier. With Garyeong focusing in on Jeonghak's last comment, Hwang Gyu suddenly appears and informs her that the Revived Heavenly Destruction Sect had given out an edict to the factions that had pledged allegiance to them which would force the Baekma Valley into action.

Having regained consciousness and recuperated enough to move, Gang Ryong returned back to the tavern-on-the-fork and told Chohyang and Yerin that he'd be leaving again.

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