Revived Heavenly Destruction Sect (30)
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Chapter Information
Season 2
Chapter 56
Korean Title 2부 56화
English Title [Chapter 2] Ep. 56
Korean Release 7th August, 2018
English Release 10th November, 2018
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Season 2, Chapter 56: Gang Ryong is hounded by his malicious, bloodthirsty whims.

Elsewhere, Yongbi oversees the test to see who would be the champions for their side in their upcoming battle. Ilgak comes in to ask what would happen if none pass the test, but Hong Ye-Mong assures him that they had 3 champions already. Meanwhile Goo Hwi muses on the words of Hyeol Bi for their formations in their upcoming battle while Hyeol Bi does the same with Hwan Sa.

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