Song Chohyang the Beauty
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Korean Title 미녀 송초향
English Title Beautiful Song Chohang
Korean Release 15th September, 2015
English Release 15th July, 2017
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Song Chohyang the Beauty: The renowned assassin, Myo Cheong, completes a job before being hired by a woman to kill Song Chohyang for wooing her husband.

Chohyang scolds Gang for eating leftovers before telling him and Yerin that she was seeing someone and would be back the next day, adding that if any of them saw her, to act like they didn't know her. Yerin then promises to make Gang some fresh dumplings however, because there are too many orders she tells Gang she would have to do it another time. After making his last delivery in town, Gang sees Chohyang and hides away, but also notices a strange man following her.

Later that night, a dressed up Chohyang and her date flirt while Myo Cheong the assassin watches on in disgust. Readying to kill her with his poisonous blowdarts, Gang suddenly whisks it from his mouth, startling the assassin. Chohyang notices Gang's presence and irritatedly asks him to get lost while the assassin was taken aback by how he was unable to sense Gang's presence. Myo Cheong then attacks Gang but the latter casually knocks the assassin's chain aside. As Chohyang and her date leave the scene, Gang aware of her immense irritation, Myo Cheong attacks him again with his chain but Gang casually grabs it and yanks the assassin in before smashing him on the head, inadvertently destroying the eatery in the process. With all the people climbing on board a ship, Chohyang bids her date farewell but he fails to recognise her because her makeup had been washed off. Chohyang attacks Gang in annoyance and threatens to tell Yerin what Gang had been up to until he bribes her with a well-aged wine.

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