The Baekma Valley (4)
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Season 1
Chapter 23
Korean Title 백마곡(4)
English Title White Horse Squad (4)
Korean Release 9th February, 2016
English Release 17th September, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (4): Yang Jeonghak tells Gha Woobok that someone had to take responsibility for what had occurred earlier and asks for him to come quietly, but Woobok replies that Jeonghak's sense of fairness was way off. Seeing no other option, Jeonghak calls for Hwang Gyu to come out, with the latter appearing with one of Woobok's kids before putting the kid to sleep. Infuriated, Woobok berates them before allowing himself to be captured.

Woobok's son comes running to the tavern, eyes full of tears, and informs Gang Ryong that his father had been taken by the Baekma Valley.

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