The Baekma Valley (6)
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Season 1
Chapter 25
Korean Title 백마곡(6)
English Title White Horse Squad (6)
Korean Release 23rd February, 2016
English Release 24th September, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (6): Soh Jinhong recalls the discussion he had with Yang Jeonghak regarding the old man that had raised him, before Hwang Gyu comes in and tells him the "monster of Yellow Dragon Mountain" has come to get him. With Jinhong giving no response, Hwang Gyu walks off in a huff. Elsewhere, Gha Woobok is put in the care of the men who ratted him out and they get ready to end him permanently. Down below, Gang Ryong takes on scores of men as he makes his way deeper into the Valley.

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