The Baekma Valley (9)
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Season 1
Chapter 28
Korean Title 백마곡(9)
English Title White Horse Squad (9)
Korean Release 15th March, 2016
English Release 7th October, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (9): The fight between Gha Woobok and Yang Jeonghak intensifies until Jin Garyeong assertively tells them to stop by destructively flaring her ki. Garyeong then tells Jeonghak that he'd better explain the situation that had occurred later, which he obediently agrees to. She then apologises to Woobok for Jeonghak's actions. Recalling seeing Gang with Woobok's kids, Garyeong asks who it was that had come to the Valley as Gang Ryong plows deeper into the Valley.

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