The Baekma Valley (10)
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Season 1
Chapter 29
Korean Title 백마곡(10)
English Title White Horse Squad (10)
Korean Release 22nd March, 2016
English Release 8th October, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (10): With the chaos going on outside in the Valley, it is brought to the attention of Dang Gan. After initially dismissing the issue, he becomes interested after hearing it was down to one man. Looking outside to see the offender, Dang Gan leaps into action to face the assailant directly. Up above Hwang Gyu notes that one of the three Guardians of the Baekma Valley had come and muses that it was over for the disciple of the Heavenly Destroyer.

Gang Ryong and Dang Gan begin fighting, with the latter being surprised at the former's level of power. Gang asks for the freeing of Gha Woobok but Dang Gan lies and tells him that Woobok had already been executed, infuriating the young gosu. In a display of power, Gang delivers a crippling blow to Dang Gan's chest, flooring him, and states that he would wipe the Baekma Valley out.

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