Heuk Lan, Mistress of the Bewitching Flowers
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Season 1
Chapter 3
Korean Title 요화단주 흑란
English Title Ran, The Head of the Wicked Flame Squad
Korean Release 22nd September, 2015
English Release 15th July, 2017
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Heuk Lan, Mistress of the Bewitching Flowers: The Bewitching Flowers are introduced with their leader, Heuk Lan the Architect of Death. The Gold Dragon Guild ask of their services in taking out Nue Dong, because they had heard of the Bewitching Flowers' lack of repercussions even if they did fail in assassination. Heuk Lan happily accepts their offer, but humorously flies into rage once they had left, believing that they had "humiliated" her.

Later, having completed a bridge trap, the Bewitching Flowers complimented Heuk Lan on her work before Gang suddenly came racing by, completely shocking them that he hadn't set the trap off. Wondering who or what had gone by, Heuk Lan wonders why the bridge hadn't collapsed and steps on it only for it to fall underneath her. As her subordinates helped her, Nue Dong saw the bridge was unusable and walked in another direction. Meanwhile, Gang delivers the Elder his dumplings.

Having set up another trap for Nue Dong, Gang once again casually races past without setting off the trap, eliciting Heuk Lan to call him back over. Gang comes back over, again failing to set off the trap; Heuk Lan throws a stone on the ground in confusion, causing the lethal trap to spring up. Heuk Lan then furiously manhandles Gang, demanding to know who he was and what connections he had with Nue Dong as the traps he had ruined were meant for the latter. Overhearing what she had said, Nue Dong confirms their words causing the Bewitching Flowers to flee. Nue Dong gets ready to hunt them but first attacks Gang who easily steps out of the way. Surprised that his attack was evaded, Nue Dong relentlessly attacks a flustered Gang who then 'accidentally' sends Nue Dong hurtling away before fleeing himself hoping no-one had seen his actions. With Gang having saved them, an infatuated Heuk Lan asks her girls what she should do.

Back at the tavern, Heuk Lan spies on Gang chilling with Yerin and seethes from the trees, believing that Gang had flirted with her.

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