The Baekma Valley (12)
Chapter 31
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Season 1
Chapter 31
Korean Title 백마곡(12)
English Title White Horse Squad (12)
Korean Release 5th April, 2016
English Release 15th October, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (12): The collision between the two mighty techniques is noticed by the Lady of the Baekma Valley and she rushes towards the scene of battle. Meanwhile Soh Jinhong is forced to divert the immense energy coming towards him with his sword. As the Lady arrives, she sees a large hole in the ground, with Gang Ryong in the centre looking over what appears to be Dang Gan's ravaged body. On arriving the Lady questions whether Dang Gan is dead or not, to which Ryong replies that no one can take on a Divine Heavenly Destruction technique head on and live. On hearing this, she proclaims that she didn't want Ryong to be her enemy. As she flares her ki intimidatingly, Dang Gan suddenly rises and tries to attack Ryong from behind, only for the internal damage he had sustained to take full effect, putting him down for good. Yang Jeonghak then arrives at the scene and proclaims that Dang Gan is still alive! However before Jeonghak could finish his words, he and most others present are pinned down by Ryong's immense ki aura, proclaiming that he gave no one permission to move!

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