The Baekma Valley (13)
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Season 1
Chapter 32
Korean Title 백마곡(13)
English Title White Horse Valley (13)
Korean Release 12th April, 2016
English Release 21st October, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (13): Ryong demands they bring out Gha Woobok. With the Lady of the Baekma Valley asking if he thought Woobok was dead, Ryong states he does not trust their words any longer and demands they bring Woobok out before exerting his crushing aura even further. The Lady wonders if she would have to take action but Woobok calls out to Ryong from above asking why he was there before angrily roughing up Hwang Gyu for answers. Ryong merely replies that his wife and kids were worried and that they should go home and then he relaxes his aura.

Woobok happily reunites with his family and then muses on what he had learned about Ryong Ryong, noting with great surprise that he was the Supreme Overlord's disciple. Elsewhere Ryong returns back to the tavern as Yerin is making a fuss with Chohyang. Ryong looks sheepish as he nervously mentions he was home late.

Back in the Baekma Valley, their members are making their recovery from Ryong's destructive rampage. In the Lady of the Valley's quarters, she sternly states to Captain Yang Jeonghak that he'd better explain all the occurrences of the day or his life would be forfeit.

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