The Baekma Valley (14)
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Season 1
Chapter 33
Korean Title 백마곡(14)
English Title White Horse Valley (14)
Korean Release 19th April, 2016
English Release 22nd October, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (14): The Lady of the Valley becomes exasperated with the knowledge that Captain Yang Jeonghak had intentionally caused Gang Ryong to attack the Baekma Valley and is further shocked when he tells her it was under the orders of the former Lady of the Valley: Jin Garyeong's mother. Yang Jeonghak then reveals to Jin Garyeong's mother's intentions for inciting Gang Ryong's wrath to her which exasperates Jin Garyeong even more.

She then asks what his opinion of Gang Ryong was now that he was part of the chaos but Jeonghak replies that his opinion remained the same before explaining his reasons for thinking so. He finishes by mentioning that if Ryong remained the same, he'd never survive when he met his inevitable "fate". The Lady of the Valley then asks if "he" was one of "them" and Jeonghak confirms it to be so before saying that only Gha Woobok could ascertain it.

Elsewhere Woobok looks up at the moon in the sky whilst in his bed, Ryong sleeps soundly. As the Lady of the Valley notes that the Supreme Overlord's enemy was still alive and wonders what his disciple would do about it, Ryong's eyes suddenly open...

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