The Baekma Valley (16)
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Season 1
Chapter 35
Korean Title 백마곡(16)
English Title White Horse Squad (16)
Korean Release 3rd May, 2016
English Release 29th October, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (16): As Ryong sweeps up in the morning, he remembers the previous night talking with Jin Garyeong about how they might have found one of the Heavenly Destroyer's enemies. However she mentions that he would have to pay more if they were to find out more details, irritating Ryong immensely. Ryong refuses to pay another coin extra without more information but Garyeong humorously manages to coerce him into agreeing...

Ryong notices Chohyang is awake and she mentions how it was nice to see him sweep the yard after all this time. Ryong is unaware of the amount of time he was sleeping, comically infuriating Chohyang. However Yerin tells her to drop it. Ryong then asks for a favour and Chohyang immediately recognises it as him asking for another advance...
Back in the Baekma Valley, Garyeong muses on Ryong's words as well as Jeonghak's statement and then begins to wonder upon Ryong's fated outcome.

In the village, Woobok sits opposite his wife, both with subdued expressions. Just then he hears the arrival of Gang Ryong delivering dumplings. Woobok goes outside and then says to Ryong they should have a chat. On the bridge, Woobok informs Ryong that he heard he was the Heavenly Destroyer's disciple which Ryong casually confirms, adding that everyone around him knew he was, even Woobok's kids. Woobok then mentions he'd be going away for a while and asked if Ryong could look after his kids while he was away, which Ryong happily agrees to, with the latter adding that Woobok comes home safely. As Ryong rushed off, Woobok mused that running away was an option too. Later, at night, Woobok arises from bed and meets Jeonghak outside; the two then walk off together.

In the morning, a man comes across Yerin in the forest and tells her he was looking for a man who had saved his sister. Yerin recognises the man's description to be about Gang Ryong and then denies knowing who the man was talking about before walking off.

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