Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (2)
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Season 1
Chapter 37
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(2)
English Title Steel lion Do Gim (2)
Korean Release 17th May, 2016
English Release 5th November, 2017
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (2): Coming back from a delivery, Ryong gets a message from the Elder but Chohyang tells him to ignore it as she wasn't going to run the tavern by herself. In his room at Yellow Dragon Mountain, the Elder furiously berates the student monks outside his room who are offering to feed him. Seeing his messenger pigeon return a message to him, the Elder realises he wouldn't be getting any food and fruitlessly calls out to his long-gone student monks.

Meanwhile, Yerin frustratedly leads the man through the forest, passing an acquaintance on her way, until they reach the entrance to Yellow Rock Village. With her job seemingly done, the man asks if he could buy her a meal in gratitude and Yerin accepts his proposal. He thanks her, getting her name confused, and introduced himself as Doh Gyeom. At the tavern, Ryong overhears some customers talking about a recent event that had been sparked by the presence of Yerin and wonders why she wasn't back yet. At the eatery, Yerin once more goes over Doh Gyeom's story of his sister's benefactor and concludes that all the evidence points to one person, although the name was too different. Doh then gazes at Yerin, blushing as he does so, and then proceeds to reveal he may have fallen in love with her. However, he is interrupted by Yerin spitting her drink in his face causing him to call his earlier words a joke. Yerin then shakily tells him not to eat the food as there was something in it before passing out. A visibly alarmed Doh calls out to her, only to succumb to the same fate.

At the tavern, Ryong muses about an uneasy feeling he had, whilst at the eatery some shady looking men loom over Yerin's unconscious form.

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