Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (3)
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 1
Chapter 38
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(3)
English Title Steel lion Do Gim (3)
Korean Release 24th May, 2016
English Release 11th November, 2017
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (3): Doh Gyeom's captors get ready to bind him and dispose of Yerin, until Gyeom suddenly gets to his feet, albeit still plagued by the effects of the sleeping draught he had ingested. With the men getting ready to subdue him, Gyeom put two down before saying they should've brought more men to take him down. They proceed to call forth dozens of men, before being ordered to rush him with Doh Gyeom preparing to defend himself.

Meanwhile, at the tavern, Ryong notices that some customers had left some food and is struck by the realisation that it was a bad omen...

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