Rock-Paper-Scissors (1)
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Season 1
Chapter 4
Korean Title 가위 바위 보(1)
English Title Rock-Paper-Scissors (1)
Korean Release 29th September, 2015
English Release 15th July, 2017
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Rock-Paper-Scissors (1): The captured criminal Wang Ahk recounts about how his life might differ if he hadn't lost his first rock-paper-scissors game against his little brother. Later, he is rescued by his gang and he offs his three escorts after they lose a game of rock-paper-scissors to him. Later, back at their base, Wang has a drink when his vice off-handedly says he wasn't as good as he used to be. Quietly taking offence to the comment, Wang challenges him to a game of rock-paper-scissors which he worriedly declines. Freaked by his leader's actions, the vice goes for his sword, but Wang quickly slices him up with it. Asking about the whereabouts of "that guy", his subordinates reveal what they had found.

In the tavern, a pair of customers finish a game of rock-paper-scissors with one explaining that winning was all due to martial arts skill. Gang heads off to deliver a load of dumplings to Lord Nam a scion of a noble family who never leaves his house. On his way, he is stopped by the White Skulls who tell him to give them the dumplings he was carrying. Gang politely refuses, catching the attention of Wang, who then challenges him to a game of rock-paper-scissors to see whether Gang would be allowed to leave. Cheerfully accepting the request, they play and Gang wins, much to Wang and the White Skulls' shock. With that, Gang goes on his way while an infuriated Wang tells his subordinates to catch him.

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