Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (8)
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Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 43
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(8)
English Title Steel lion Do Gim (8)
Korean Release 28th June, 2016
English Release 26th November, 2017
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (8): A mysterious spectre laughingly mocks Gyeom for disclosing the only thing keeping him alive. Just then, the guards appear behind Gyeom, blocking his escape. Looking at them in horror, the spectre mocks Gyeom further and asks if he had ever been wrong. As Gyeom hazily sees the guards getting ready to attack him, the spectre tells him it was time to give in eliciting an angry response from Gyeom.

In that moment, a haggard Gyeom massacres the several guards that had attacked him shocking the remaining lot, who were wondering where Gyeom's monstrous strength was coming from. At that, Gyeom props himself up with one of the dropped swords and looks them all down with tired eyes. Suddenly a sword flies through the air and impales Gyeom through the chest, flooring him, but not before Gyeom sees who the assailant is. The perpetrator, Gyeom's uncle, then tells the rest of them to finish Gyeom off before muttering that he always had to do things himself if he wanted them done. Bathed in white, the mysterious spectre stands over Gyeom and chastises him for trusting "that man" and tells him it was what he got for being stubborn. Gyeom looks up stupefied and then blacks out completely...

Having taken control of Doh Gyeom's body, he rises back up, completely unnerving the coming guards, and takes in the various sensations pervading Gyeom's body. As the guards try to finish "Gyeom" off, he brutally slices them up and rises to his feet whilst giving off a bone chilling aura that visibly flustered the remaining guards. "Gyeom" then goads the guards into attacking him, which they do much to his satisfaction, before slicing them up.

Outside, Gyeom's uncle hears a noise from the cave but his attention is quickly diverted to the kerfuffle occurring at the mansion. Meanwhile, the lord of the group looks on apathetically as outside his quarters, his men fight with the living dead. Back inside the cave, "Gyeom" picks up a dropped naginata whilst mentioning that they'd all better scurry as he would tear apart anyone that fell behind...

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