Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (9)
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Season 1
Chapter 44
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(9)
English Title Steel lion Do Gim (9)
Korean Release 5th July, 2016
English Release 2nd December, 2017
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (9): In the manor grounds, the men see the "rebels" approaching from down the way. Suddenly they are overtaken by ominous shadowy apparitions from below. The leader of the men notes that that the air feels heavy and it was harder to breathe, before telling his men not to show any mercy to the "rebels". Just then, he is stabbed from behind by one of his own men. Bewildered upon realising that all of his men were attacking him, he desperately defends himself from their relentless onslaught but is eventually slain without mercy. While this is going on, one of the possessed men attacking him is in a dream-like world where his loved partner is hanged by laughing men, which is driving him into his brutal rage.

Elsewhere, the lord of the manor acknowledges the information his subordinate gives him regarding the Little Master's words on the location of the 'seal'. Suddenly, another of the lord's subordinates bursts in revealing of the "revolt" of the men. Gyeom's uncle hears a noise behind him but dismisses it and makes his way into the lord's quarters as the lord's subordinates explains the 'revolt' situation to him. Seeing the carnage below, the lord orders to round up the elites so they could evacuate and assess the situation from safety. The lord notices Gyeom's uncle has returned and the latter asks what was going on. The lord replies that it wasn't a problem and that his plans had been pushed back a little.

On the outskirts of the manor, Gang Ryong finally arrives...

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