Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (11)
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Season 1
Chapter 46
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(11)
English Title Steel lion Do Gim (11)
Korean Release 19th July, 2016
English Release 9th December, 2017
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (11): Ryong blows back the possessed men and tells them they wouldn't be able to move for a while.

Meanwhile, the strange pale lady grinds her teeth in irritation that "he" had to butt in now of all times. Suddenly Yerin rouses, causing the lady to quickly dissipate, and groggily stumbles over to the wall where she sees her charms on the floor. Looking down in pure horror, Yerin notices the charms sealing the Rakshasa Demoness were ripped and looks over to a crack in the wall to see her gaseous form seep away with a small giggle. Quickly running outside and seeing the chaos that was occurring, Yerin stares with sheer terror permeating her face.

Elsewhere, "Gyeom" wonders whether the shockwave he just felt had been his imagination before observing the rest of the fleeing men with glee. At that he leaps off to catch them. At the front of the fleeing group, Doh Gyeom's uncle wonders how a dimwit like Doh Gyeom could be so overwhelmingly strong when "Gyeom" suddenly lands behind them from above and proceeds to effortlessly slaughter the remaining elites. Noting that "he" was not the Doh Gyeom he knew, Gyeom's uncle is forced to block "Gyeom's" downward chop. Gyeom's uncle commends "Gyeom" for hiding his supreme martial arts skills and adds that his brutal and peculiar movements were very similar to Gyeol's, his late older brother. "Gyeom" then menacingly states that he is Gyeol, the same nephew that he killed with poison. As Gyeom's uncle stares back incredulously at the claim, "Gyeom" attacks with a series of strikes but their uncle manages to block most of them before the last blow slashes through his left eye. "Gyeom" berates his uncle for the way he was acting due to his fresh wound. Their uncle starts laughing and skeptically repeats "Gyeom's" earlier statements about being Gyeol before revealing his intentions to assassinate Gyeom too. Calling Gyeom insane, their uncle says that the Pungjin Sect's days were numbers if a lunatic was leading them. "Gyeom" says he wasn't making it fun and adds that he had been waiting 10 years to take his revenge. Their uncle bitterly says he betrayed his kin first and there was no need to hesitate but "Gyeom" apathetically replies that he wasn't gonna.

Just as "Gyeom" prepared to strike down his uncle for good, Yerin loudly tells him to stop alerting Ryong to her location. As Gyeom's uncle uses her arrival to make a hasty escape, "Gyeom" maniacally got ready to hunt him but Yerin told him to stop again. Incensed by her intrusion, "Gyeom" mentions she must have a death wish before slashing at her and drawing blood...

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