Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (19)
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Season 1
Chapter 54
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(19)
English Title Steel lion Do Gim (19)
Korean Release 13th September, 2016
English Release 6th January, 2018
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (19): Yerin finishes ridding the environment of the spirits as Ryong returns. Silently looking on solemnly, Yerin notes that people died, probably because of her. With Ryong asking if she needed a minute, Yerin brushes it off and the two finally leave. On their way, Yerin asks what happened to Gyeom, and Ryong nervously replies that they sorted it out "amicably". Meanwhile, a teary Gyeom sits up.

By morning, with the momentous scars from their battle painting the area, Doh Gyeom returns to the Pungjin Sect and finds out that a lot of things had changed, as well as the Pungjin Sect falling being true. Confirming that the seal was missing, Gyeom goes down to the treasury with his little sister to find it ransacked. His alter-psyche mocks him for his screw up, but Gyeom bites back. After nudging from his sister, they go back.

Later, his subordinates and sister look on in wondrous shock as he tests out his capabilities following his encounter with Gang Ryong. Noting that he still wasn't able to produce even half the power he did while fighting Ryong, he reaffirms that he was recovering quicker still as time passed. Gyeom's alter-psyche smirks saying that Ryong could be seen as their saviour as he helped them overcome their 'physiological' issue. With Gyeom musing on this, the alter-psyche goes on and says that when one owes a favour, they must pay it back. Grinding his teeth, Gyeom affirms that he always paid back his debts, whether it was a favour or a grudge.

However, upon seeking Gang Ryong again, Gyeom discovered that Ryong had already left to find his "enemy"...

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