Stirring (2)
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 1
Chapter 56
Korean Title 파문 (波紋) 2화
English Title Ripple Effect (2)
Korean Release 4th October, 2016
English Release 13th January, 2018
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Stirring (2): Wondering where Garyeong was, Gang Ryong suddenly feels an unmistakably familiar sensation in the distance in front of him. Remembering what his late master told him, Ryong destructively bursts through a wall and collides with the source of the sensation. Knocking the opponent back, Ryong continues his offence until the person reveals themselves to be none other than Gha Woobok. Shocked at the revelation, Woobok expresses his curiosity at whose ki he stole.

Sitting opposite each other, Woobok reveals his recent escapade and also that the leader of the "Naeseonhyang" could be one of them. Woobok says he couldn't tell for sure since he couldn't get a good look at his face and all he could get was a bit of his ki. Saying it was now down to Ryong to determine whose ki it was, Woobok notes that Ryong was already sure.

Gang Ryong returns back to the tavern but before he goes inside, Yerin asks if he was hiding something from her but Ryong nervously avoids answering.

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