Stirring (4)
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Season 1
Chapter 58
Korean Title 파문 (波紋) 4화
English Title Ripple Effect (4)
Korean Release 18th October, 2016
English Release 20th January, 2018
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Stirring (4): Gang Ryong asks for an extended leave of absence, much to Chohyang's displeasure. Giving him an ultimatum to either stay or quit, Ryong firmly chooses the latter and thanks Chohyang for her kindness.

Elsewhere, Captain Woo, leader of Naeseonhyang's military force orders that they summon the Wild Dogs so as to eliminate all possible threats to their Lord. Meanwhile, the Lord beckons for the Heavenly Destroyer's disciple to come. Ryong, readying to leave, is given some food and money for his journey by Yerin. All set, Ryong heads off on his journey.

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