Wild Dogs (6)
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Season 1
Chapter 64
Korean Title 들개 무리(6화)
English Title Wild Dogs (7)
Korean Release 29th November, 2016
English Release 10th February, 2018
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Wild Dogs (6): While Ryong continues on his journey, Wang Eungi slaughters the bandits that burned down his home after finding out they'd killed his kids. Reminiscing on the Lord's words, he collapses in despair and falls asleep.

In the morning, the kids come back to find Eungi asleep. They leave him be and look for things they can use amongst the rubble. Waking up, Eungi gathers the kids round and asks how they're still alive. The kids explain that Ryong came back and saved them when the bandits came to burn the house down, as well as leaving them some silver. When the oldest child, Eunseol, mentions that Eungi had to go, the man smiles and says he doesn't have to go anymore.

Finding out that Wang Eungi had failed to stop Gang Ryong, the captain of the Naeseonhyang says it was fine as "he" was on the case now.

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