Wild Dogs (7)
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Season 1
Chapter 65
Korean Title 들개 무리(7화)
English Title Wild Dogs (7)
Korean Release 6th December, 2016
English Release 11th February, 2018
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Wild Dogs (7): On his way, Gang Ryong encounters an imprisoned man on a cart who asks to be freed. Ryong ignores him and carries on walking and soon the cart goes by. Walking up the hill and seeing the old men from the cart struggling to push it up, Ryong lends a hand and is given a ride in return. Travelling with them across the river, they offer Ryong a meal in gratitude and he follows along.

Reaching their stronghold, Ryong sits with the old men to eat and silently overhears them talking about their boss coming personally to stop someone who was going after the Naeseonhyang while outside, their boss had returned. Thanking them for the meal, Ryong gets ready to leave when suddenly the door opens and their boss shouts out the Gang Ryong was the man they were after. Ordering them all to kill him, the old men turn on Ryong, forcing him to defend himself.

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