Wild Dogs (9)
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Season 1
Chapter 67
Korean Title 들개 무리(9화)
English Title Wild Dogs (9)
Korean Release 20th December, 2016
English Release 18th February, 2018
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Wild Dogs (9): The old assassins swarm Gang Ryong using chains to try and impede his movement, but he skilfully repels them. With their boss initially impressed, he criticises Ryong for not decisively ending the fight by killing them. Down below, the old men note that it was too early for Ryong to even think of fighting their boss. Ryong asks if they could stop fighting but one of them replies it would be nicer dying by their hands rather than their boss' before they yank Ryong below the water using the chains and swarm him straight afterwards.

Their boss derides Ryong for lowering his guard against seasoned veterans and turns to leave when suddenly his attention is drawn back to an immense explosion bursting from underneath the waters...

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