Wild Dogs (13)
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Season 1
Chapter 71
Korean Title 들개 무리(13화)
English Title Wild Dogs (13)
Korean Release 17th January, 2017
English Release 4th March, 2018
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Wild Dogs (13): Wielding his special whips skilfully, Sa Paecheon begins to overwhelm the young gosu. Gang Ryong gets serious, much to Sa Paecheon's satisfaction, and uses Heavenly Destruction, Radiant Wheel Strike which Sa Paecheon counters with Welkin Lightning, Demonic Rings. With the two techniques clashing, Sa Paecheon uses Ryong's lack of experience against him, impaling the young gosu in the torso with his two steel whips. With Ryong losing concentration, Sa Paecheon's technique overpowers his own but he manages to pull out the whips. Sa Paecheon then puts Ryong on his back again, but the latter gets to his feet. Seeing the spirit of Ryong's late master behind him, Sa Paecheon says it is no place for spirits before attacking with another Welkin Lightning technique. Overwhelmed by the attack, Sa Paecheon holds a limp battered Gang Ryong aloft with his whips.

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