Wild Dogs (15)
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Season 1
Chapter 73
Korean Title 들개 무리(15화)
English Title Wild Dogs (15)
Korean Release 31st January, 2017
English Release 11th March, 2018
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Wild Dogs (15): In a state of semi-consciousness, Gang Ryong is roused into action by his late master. Meanwhile, the old men of Paelim Hall futilely swarm Sa Paecheon. However, the latter notices what their true intentions were when he sees that Ryong had returned to his feet. Leaping over towards him, Sa Paecheon attacks Gang Ryong and knocks him backwards. Getting ready to strike again, Sa Paecheon's attention is brought back to the attempts of the old men and he begins slaughtering them in annoyance. Seeing this, Ryong grits his teeth and murmurs to his late master that because Sa Paecheon was too strong he had no choice but to kill him.

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