Wild Dogs (16)
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Season 1
Chapter 74
Korean Title 들개 무리(16화)
English Title Wild Dogs (16)
Korean Release 7th February, 2017
English Release 17th March, 2018
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Wild Dogs (16): With the old men of the Paelim Hall managing to land a blow on their boss, he resolves to annihilate them all. However, his attention is drawn back to Gang Ryong who noticeably increases his battle aura after using a secret Divine Heavenly Destruction technique. With Sa Paecheon infuriated that Ryong had been holding back in their fight, the two launch themselves at each other and begin the second part of their decisive battle.

Duelling intensely, Sa Paecheon manages to stab the young gosu in the same place he had been impaled earlier with his hand but Gang Ryong turns this around by grabbing the offending arm and tearing it off before menacingly noting that he'd removed Sa Paecheon's arm.

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