Wild Dogs (17)
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Season 1
Chapter 75
Korean Title 들개 무리(17화)
English Title Wild Dogs (17)
Korean Release 14th February, 2017
English Release 18th March, 2018
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Wild Dogs (17): Gang Ryong begins to overwhelm Sa Paecheon having torn off the latter's right arm. Sa Paecheon stifles the wound with one of his steel whips and then attacks again but Ryong ends up breaking his other steel whip much to the older gosu's surprise. Continuing their fight, Ryong notices his injuries and Sa Paecheon reminds him he had been injected with Demonic Blight when he was impaled earlier. Suddenly remembering his master's words about Sa Paecheon, Ryong off-handedly recalls what he had been told to his opponent. Infuriated, Sa Paecheon says he will show his true power before attacking with one of his strongest techniques while Ryong, realising just who his opponent was, retaliates with a powerful technique of his own.

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