Doh Gyeol (도결, Dogyeol; "Gyeol Doh") was Doh Gyeom's late older brother who died 10 years prior to the start of the story.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Doh Gyeol was a good looking young man with long draping black hair, tied into a knot behind his back, and pale grey eyes. He wore the traditional dress of the Pungjin Sect. When Gyeol's split personality is in control, his face changes and becomes reminiscent of the comedy mask associated with drama, complete with whited eyes and whited mouth.

He was seen to be a very kind and caring older brother, always looking out for Gyeom and their little sister Yeon. Despite his great strength, he wasn't arrogant and was kind to all. This is all in stark contrast to his split persona who showed a brutally ruthless and bloodthirsty nature.

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After the murder of his mother during a bandit raid, Doh Gyeol started to change mentally, becoming a crazy, bloodthirsty murderer after the event. At first, his blood-lust was directed at local bandit gangs, but he gradually travelled further away slaying even renowned gosu and righteous warriors of the murim. Because of his unknown exploits, the murim were shocked that there was a rabid murderer who killed indiscriminately. However, Gyeol's killing spree came to an end when his father, Doh Gwang, caught him red-handed and temporarily imprisoned him in punishment. Afterwards, Gyeol appeared to return to his old self, but this was merely a ruse by his insane alter-psyche. With the focus of his madness being his father, Gyeol sought to kill him by asking for a sparring match. Doh Gyeom, Gyeol's younger brother, saw that Gyeol's madness had worsened considerably and so, on the eve of Gyeol's sparring match with his father, Gyeom fatally poisoned Gyeol, killing him.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Doh Gyeol was an extremely powerful martial artist who used peculiar movements and brutal attacks.[2] Even at the young age of 15, he had already surpassed the might of his father, the renowned Iron Lion, Doh Gwang.[1]


While Gyeol was clearly quite proficient wielding bladed weapons in general, he seemed to prefer the use of a naginata and was seen with one in Gyeom's flashback.[3] Gyeol was incredibly skilled in the use of a naginata and spear techniques in general.[2]


  • (To a young Doh Gyeom) "Become strong, Gyeom. 'Righteousness' or 'justice', these are all just empty words. Do whatever you can, use any means necessary to become strong, for the sake of the things you must protect!"[1]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Do Gil (LINE)

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Considering that his younger brother Gyeom suffered from a similar insane alter-psyche, some fans believe that the condition is a maternal hereditary condition.


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