Blood Dance Killing Formation, Empyrean Lightning Rain
Hangul 혈무살진 만천뇌우
Hanja 血舞煞陣 萬天雷雨
Romaja Hyeolmusaljin Mancheonnoeu
Lit. English Blood Dance Kill Battle-Formation Ten-Thousand Heaven Lightning Rain
Battle Data
Martial Art Blood Dance Killing Formation
Class Offensive
Range Mid-range
First Seen Chapter 132
Known Users Pung Baek
Ze Wungang

Blood Dance Killing Formation, Empyrean Lightning Rain is an extremely powerful Blood Dance Killing Formation technique first created by Pung Baek, the Bloody Godly Spear and utilised in the current time by Ze Wungang, the Sky Valorian Star.

First the user generates an immense sphere of resonance by pouring in their inner ki in preparation for the technique and then they swing their spears, generating a colossal number of energy spears that home towards and rain down on the target, violently impaling them countless times over. Because of the scale of the technique, its usage consumes a substantial amount of ki.[1]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Empyrean Thunderstorm
  • Heavenly Thunderstorm
  • Worldly Thunderstorm (LINE)


  1. Chapter 132