Heavenly Destruction, Five Ring Palmstrike
  • Used against Doh Gyeom
  • Used against Doh Gyeom
  • Used against Sa Paecheon
  • Used against Sa Paecheon
Hangul 파천 오륜장
Hanja 破天 五輪掌
Romaja Pacheon Olyunjang
Lit. English Destroy Heaven Five Ring Palm
Battle Data
Martial Art Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques
Class Offensive
Range Close-range
First Seen Chapter 49
Known Users Gang Ryong
Dokgo Ryong
Four Heavenly Kings
Heavenly Destruction, Five Ring Palmstrike is one of the twelve Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques.

The user strikes the target in the centre of the chest with a powerful five-pronged palm strike whilst twisting their palm at the point of contact. As well as being a powerful offensive technique in and off itself, it also has the additional effects of disrupting the ki points that were struck using the technique;[1] trying to use martial arts whilst the ki points are in such a state will cause the disrupted fatal points to burst and, if an affected person does not restore their ki slowly, they could suffer from a ki overload.[1] When used at full power, this technique can completely obliterate the chest area of the victim, killing them.[2][3]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Pacheon Pentacyclic Blow (LINE)


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