Ilgak, the Freak Monk (일각, Ilgak) is a senior member of the old murim, a monk of the Shaolin Temple and a former agent of the Old Murim Alliance.

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Ilgak is a young monk with lustrous skin and a plump physique.[1] He has a typical Shaolin monk appearance with elongated earlobes, bald head, and six dots on his forehead. He wore a mala and traditional monk garments.
Several decades after the war against the Asura Blood Sect, Ilgak has aged noticeably sporting wrinkles and white facial hair. He also grew out a long sharp beard and fu manchu moustache.

Ilgak is a frivolous man who loves to joke around. He can be serious at times but those moments are often undermined by his antics, annoying those around him. Despite being a monk, Ilgak frequents the red-light districts and loves drinking. He can easily consume several barrels of wine in a short period and often offered favours in return for alcohol.

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Ilgak was taken in as a disciple by Grand Monk Baegun, the most revered monk since Dharma, Huike, and Huineng. Eventually, he was appointed as the Murim High Lord's proxy on behalf of the Shaolin Temple.[2]

Following Grand Monk Baegun's death, Ilgak left the Shaolin since there were signs of young martial monks trying to back him for the vacant seat of the Shaolin's head monk position. He wanted to avoid needless factional infighting against his sasuk Great Monk Haewoon.[2]

After the massacre at Geumcheonbo headquarters, Ilgak was appointed as the Murim Alliance's chief inspector by the Murim High Lord to investigate the incident.[3]


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Between the events of Yongbi the Invincible and Gosu (The Master)...

Ilgak was involved in the old Murim Alliance's war against the Demonic Cult.[4]

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Evil Subduing Thirteen Palms (1)

Ilgak prepares to use a secret technique; Evil Subduing Thirteen Palms

In the past, Ilgak was famously known by many titles such as The New Star of The Shaolin and The Hope of The Shaolin.[2][5] He was the only direct disciple of Grand Monk Baegun and was such a genius at martial arts that it forced Grand Monk Baegun to break his own oath of not accepting any disciples. At a young age no older than most martial apprentice monks, he was already appointed as the Murim High Lord's proxy on behalf of the Shaolin Temple which speaks volumes about his skill. As the Murim High Lord's proxy, he carried the High Lord's Edict which allowed him to exercise the full authority of the High Lord himself, his testimonies must be treated as if it had been issued from the High Lord's mouth.[2] Ilgak is also highly skilled in the medical arts and with many impressive martial arts techniques under his belt, he is truly a competent fighter.

Immense Physical Strength: Ilgak deceptively possesses great physical strength, a single kick from him is more than enough to send a person flying.[6]

Immense Agility & Reflexes: His incredible agility along with his acrobatics allow Ilgak to easily evade other peoples attacks. Even against the Lightning God's Blue Dragon Sword, he easily dodged its slashes at close distances and was able to catch the blade between his hands mid-swing. His agility also enables him to jump multiple times in mid-air.[6]

Disarming Technique: Ilgak utilised an unnamed technique to disarm people of their weapons. After sandwiching his opponent's blade between his hands, he exudes an immense amount of ki and pressure which visibly stresses the area around him. If the person does not let go of their weapon, their arm will rip and snap.[6]

Medical Arts: Ilgak's talent as a healer is well-renowned. He was able to easily counteract the effects of the Demonic Technique's poison,[2] and correct the distorted ki flow of a wounded person.[7]

Ilgak's Mala Usage
  • Ilgak's Mala
  • Attempting to block a sword slash
  • The mala severed
  • Firing the beads from his severed mala
  • The beads embedded


Mala: The mala Ilgak wears can be used as a tool for defending and attacking. The 108 mala beads are connected with strings forged from ten thousand-year-old cold steel that is able to withstand a thousand geun. Since it is difficult to cut, Ilgak used it to block sword attacks but if the string does get severed, he can swing the mala to fire a barrage of beads with enough force to riddle his opponent with holes.[6]

As a monk of the Shaolin Temple, Ilgak is trained to use Shaolin Martial arts as well as numerous secret techniques:

Grand Death Life Technique:


  • (To Yongbi) "If it wasn't for those few barrels of booze, I would have let you die."[8]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Despite being a genius in martial arts, Ilgak is not a martial monk.[5]
  • In Buddhist tradition, the 108 beads signifies the mortal desires of mankind.[9]