The Pungjin Sect (풍진의, Pungjin-ui) is a neutral faction of the murim alliance, currently headed by Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion.


The current murim alliance that formed after the great war against the Demonic Cult of the north, in a bid to rapidly expand, admitted many neutral factions en masse including the Pungjin Sect; the Pungjin Sect was admitted into the murim alliance less than 40 years prior to the beginning of the story. Up until that point, the Pungjin Sect were considered a once humble armed guard service that had amassed enormous wealth, but existed in a grey area between being a righteous and chaotic faction. However the problems began after the arrival of the Heavenly Destruction Sect. Many neutral factions followed the Heavenly Destruction Sect instead of fighting them, so when the sect fell, the murim alliance began to discriminate against them. With discrimination gradually worsening, Doh Gwang stepped in to successfully mitigate it, doing so through the Pungjin Sect's great influence over the other neutral factions and Doh Gwang's fearsome strength.[1]

Known MembersEdit

Doh Gwang
Doh Gwang
(Former leader)
Doh Yeon
Doh Yeon

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Wind and Earth Clan (LINE)


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