Heavenly Destruction, Radiant Wheel Strike
Hangul 파천 명륜공
Hanja 破天 明輪攻
Romaja Pacheon Myeonglyungong
Lit. English Destroy Heaven Bright Wheel Attack
Battle Data
Martial Art Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques
Class Offensive
Range Mid to Close-range
First Seen Chapter 30
Known Users Gang Ryong
Dokgo Ryong
Four Heavenly Kings

Heavenly Destruction, Radiant Wheel Strike is one of the twelve Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques.

The user generates a great amount of ki between their hands, with its form looking similar to a small black hole. The user then releases the pent up ki in one go, loosing a powerful blast.[1] Gang Ryong used it at such power that it was able to offset and then overwhelm Dang Gan's Blazing Iron Shattering Thrust technique.[2]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Pacheon Carving Wave (LINE)


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