The River Dragon Armour (교룡갑 (蛟龍甲), Gyolyong-gab) is an incredible armour considered to be the most powerful and precious relic in the entire murim. The armour covers its wearer's entire body (except the head, neck, hands and feet) and negates all external attacks,[1] even those from a formidable martial art such as the Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques.[2] The armour can be controlled by its wearer, allowing it to cover any open areas, such as the head and neck.[3]

Hwan Sa stated that if used offensively, it will weaken the Armour's power. As the fullest potential of the armour can only be brought out when used defensively. Only when it serves it's intended purpose, such as protection, healing, and restoration, can it's true nature as a divine item be revealed. This is showcased, when the armor stitches up Gang's severe open wound and bonds with him.[4]

The River Dragon Armour is made up of interweaving steel whips and despite its main feature being a formidable defence, these steel whips, known as its River Dragon Bristles (교룡염 (蛟龍髥), Gyolyong-yeom), can also be unwoven at the ends of the arms and legs for offensive use extending its wearer's attacking range.[2] These steel whips can also be withdrawn from the armour for use as rudimentary blades.[3]

Alternate TranslationEdit

  • Dragon Chain Armor (LINE)
  • Dragon Beard (LINE)


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