Song Chohyang (송초향, Songchohyang; "Chohyang Song") is the owner of a dumpling shop and Yerin's adoptive mother.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Chohyang is a small older woman with wrinkled skin, crows feet on the outside of her eyes, small uninterested eyes and grey hair tied into a bun with long strands falling both sides of her face. She tends to wear simple styled robes. However, Chohyang's mastery of makeup allows her to completely change her appearance; with makeup on, Chohyang looks like an attractive young woman with brown eyes, luscious black hair, full red lips and other adornments to add to her charm.

She is a stubborn old woman but has a great awareness of things around her. Even though she is tough on Gang, she does care for his wellbeing and understands his situation. She also treats Yerin much like a daughter and is protective of her in her own way.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While Chohyang has no notable physical abilities, she is long renowned for her beautifying abilities.[1]

Makeup Master: She is extremely proficient in applying makeup and other beautifying practices in order to completely transform her (and others') appearance.


Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Song Chohang (LINE)


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