Storm Slash
  • After effect of Storm Slash
  • After effect of Storm Slash
Hangul 풍뢰참
Hanja 風雷斬
Romaja Pungloecham
Lit. English Wind & Thunder Slash
Battle Data
Martial Art Doh Family Spear Style
Class Offensive/Support
Range Close to mid-range
First Seen Chapter 47
Known Users Doh Gyeom
Storm Slash is a special technique of the Doh Family Spear Style.[1]

The wielder attacks with an initial multi-pronged slashing swipe that scars the floor and then finishes the technique with a whirlwind of slashes. Even if the initial attack misses, the after effects of the technique causes the ground and surrounding structures to suddenly collapse upon being touched; even the incredibly light steps of a high-level gosu are enough to set it off.[1] Due to this feature, the technique is apparently most effective against opponents that only evade frontal attacks.[1]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Gust & Lightning Skill (LINE)


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