Thousand Sage Flash Sword
  • Jinhong preparing to use the technique...
  • Jinhong preparing to use the technique...
  • ...before unleashing it!
  • The destructive result...
  • The destructive result...
Hangul 선광천검
Hanja 仙光千剣
Romaja Seongwangcheongeom
Lit. English Sage Light Thousand Sword
Battle Data
Martial Art Flying Flash Sword
Class Offensive
Range Close to long-range
First Seen Chapter 115
Known Users Soh Jinhong

Thousand Sage Flash Sword is the most powerful technique of the Flying Flash Sword style, supposedly possible in theory alone.[1]

The user traces out lines in the air with their sword, leaving blade-like after-images in its wake, finishing the movement when their sword is pointing skywards. At that, the user brings their sword down, releasing innumerable sword-like projectiles omnidirectionally.[1] The sheer destructive power of the technique is colossal, annihilating a vast area around the user, though it appears that the projectiles are fired indiscriminately without much care for accuracy.

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Deity Light Sword Skill (LINE)


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