Wraith Execution
Hangul 귀혼살법
Hanja 鬼魂殺法
Romaja Gwihonsalbeob
Lit. English Demon Soul Killing Method
Battle Data
Martial Art Life Drain Technique
Class Offensive
Range Close-range
First Seen Chapter 102
Known Users Gha Woobok

Wraith Execution is a powerful and dangerous Life Drain Technique utilised by the Wraith Hand, Gha Woobok. The technique enables its user to merge with and pass through multiple opponents whilst simultaneously draining them of all their ki and life energy, leaving them nothing more than shrivelled husks.[1] The user is also able to absorb internal features of opponents they merge and pass through and integrate them into their own body; Woobok utilises this skill to absorb the Gu worms that were inhabiting Mak Sapyeong's minions.[1]

The man who taught Woobok the Life Drain Technique told him to refrain from using Wraith Execution unless absolutely necessary when there is no other choice.[2]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Soul Terminating Skill (LINE)


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